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Other Important Information

The following information will hopefully answer many of the questions most clients have regarding psychological services. In particular, the information below will outline how I work with clients to ensure my services are conducted professionally, compassionately, in a timely fashion, and address your needs.

Psychotherapy Appointments

Psychotherapy appointments are usually arranged for the same time and day each week and last 50 minutes.  However, when necessary, we can make other mutually agreed upon appointment times.


Payment for Psychotherapy can be made by cash, personal check*, PayPal®, Zelle®, or bank check, and is made at the beginning of the appointment.

*Checks that are returned for any reason will be charged a $30 service charge.  Payment for services previously provided and this additional charge must be made prior to the next appointment.

Missed or Cancelled Appointments

The Psychotherapy appointment you schedule with me is time that is completely set aside for you; therefore, if for any reason you need to cancel your psychotherapy appointment, you must cancel more than 24hrs in advance to avoid being charged for the psychotherapy appointment. If you do not cancel your appointment more than 24hrs in advance or fail to attend your scheduled psychotherapy appointment you will be charged in full for that appointment.

If you are interested in seeking Psychological Services from me, please see my page Getting Started and then call 571-265-0344 for a Free Phone Consultation.